When you have finished your project, you will need to submit media files for display on the exhibition website. The online exhibition will only be visible to the Penn State community, but will be a great showcase of everyone's work and give you practice preparing this kind of documentation.

You are also submitting project files which might include high-resolution images, master copies of videos, editable project files, and so on. The exhibition files are prepared especially for use on the web and will likely be a subset of what you produced. Choose the most impressive media that clearly summarizes what you did.


Media files will vary from project to project, however, it is typical to have gallery images to highlight your project. The exhibition website uses a site generator, and is sensitive to file names.

Please use the exact filename structures listed for each item below.

Unless you are using a pseudonym, replace [last-name] in the file with your last name and [first-name] with your first name.

If you ARE using a pseudonym, please use it in place of [last-name][first-name].

Exhibition card image (required)

The exhibition card image will be the main image displayed for your project on the exhibition site homepage, alongside other student's work. The project name and student name will be displayed below each card image.

  • 1200px x 600px (landscape orientation)
  • JPEG or PNG file
  • Keep text to a minimum.
  • Do not include the name of the project unless it is part of a logo or branding.

File name: [last-name][first-name]-exhibition-card-image-1200x600.jpg

(Don't include the square brackets in the filename 😉)

Gallery images are shown on your project's profile page. Try to include between 3 to 6 images. Images can be close up views of details, documentation of process, etc. Do not include images larger than 1200px in any dimension. Use Photoshop to export .jpg images for display on the web at a compressed file size.

File name:

  1. [last-name][first-name]-gallery-image-01.jpg
  2. [last-name][first-name]-gallery-image-02.jpg
  3. [last-name][first-name]-gallery-image-03.jpg
  4. [last-name][first-name]-gallery-image-##.jpg

Video files

Upload any videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

You can set it to "unlisted" if you don't want it fully accessible within YouTube. (The video will still be visible on the exhibition site.)

Interactive elements

If you are using an embedded interactive element, please include the embed code in a .txt file. If your interactive elements require many files to operate, please include a .zip file of those files.

File name:

[last-name][first-name]-embed-01.txt or [last-name][first-name]-files-01.zip


Convert audio files to .mp3 so they may be playable from a web browser.

Example audio files: [last-name][first-name]-audio.mp3

Submission details

IMPORTANT: Follow the file naming conventions above.

  1. Submit the exhibition files to Canvas by the indicated date in a .zip file.

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