1. Title slide
    1. Title
    2. Name
    3. Date
    4. Course ("DMD 300: Digital Multimedia Design Studio")
    5. Semester (Example: "Spring 2019")
  2. Bio
    • Include a bio that describes relevant interests, skills, and capabilities.
  3. Work Statement
    • A final draft of work statement language developed during Project 2.
  4. Design process overview
    • Timeline of events
    • List methods used with brief descriptions
    • Anticipated outcomes of each step and how they contributed to the project's development.
  5. Outcomes
    • Analyze and deconstruct central issues using form and context analysis.
    • Identify forces that impact form
    • Are there any ethical considerations?
    • Include figures and diagrams of conceptual relationships
    • Describe media used in digital production. For example, print, web, info-graphics, game/interactive, animation, video/film, audio/sound, physical installation, etc.
  6. Images
    • Include 4–8 images that show key features of your work with short descriptions of each image.
  7. Bibliography

Formatting requirements:

  1. PDF document in US Letter size.
  2. Please see documentation resources for guidance.
  3. Proofread and spellcheck

Submission details:

  1. Upload the PDF document to the canvas assignment by the deadline.
  2. Upload PDF to production blog by the deadline.

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