Weekly Activity Reports

At the end of each week, each individual student will submit a short report of group project activity. This shows that you understand what each member is contributing and demonstrates your own contributions to the project.


  1. Title: Weekly Report # (e.g. Weekly Report #3)
  2. Your Name
  3. Group Members: (names)
  4. Activity description
    • Your contributions for the week
    • Describe contributions to the project from each member.
  5. General comments:
    • Briefly talk about how things are going. This is the space to complain, brag, comment on challenges you are facing, or talk about things that are going really well.


  1. Fullfilled all report requirements. (40%)
  2. Demonstrated significant group or team project contributions. (60%)


Please upload this to canvas as either a word document (.doc, .docx), or written in the text submission field.

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