Phase 3: Pitch

Produce a short presentation that explains the project concept. Use presentation slide software to design the presentation and record a video presenting the slides in a professional manner. You can include voice narration or on screen text to explain what we're looking at. Please include:

  1. Slideshow Video: Clearly legible text or voice narration
    • If doing voice narration, you can choose one team member to narrative, or have different members contribute narration of different slides.
  2. PDF export of slides used for the video.


  • Must include original images or sketches depicting how the final project might appear
  • Must include images of related creative work or designs that indicate your stylistic goals, competitors, or inspiration.


  • How to record slideshow and narration with Powerpoint
  • How to record your screen with Quicktime (Mac). Other screen-recording software is available online. Do this if you want to record a Google Slide presentation.
  • Audio recording programs:
    • Audacity: free open-source audio recording; tutorial for how to record with computer mic.
    • Adobe Audition: available with PSU Adobe account; professional grade audio editor. Here's a tutorial for recording a simple audio file.
  • How to reduce video filesize (if your video is larger than 500MB or taking forever to upload):
    • Use Adobe Media Encoder to resize or compress a video file (without editing it, if you want to trim a video or do complex editing, use Adove Premiere).
    • This video shows how to reduce the bitrate (i.e. quality) of the video to lower the file size. You can also choose to resize the video; e.g. from 1080p (1920px x 1080px) to 720p (1280px x 720px).

Submission details:

  1. Post the pitch to the project blog.
  2. Upload a .zip file to the canvas assignment that includes:
    • Pitch video (Please export/compress this video. It should be less the 500MB in filesize)
    • PDF export of the slides

Note: only one person in the group needs to submit the file to the group assignment.

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