This course follows DMD 100: Digital Multimedia Design Foundations. In that course, students were given a fairly rigid design process to follow with prescribed outcomes and formats. In DMD 300: Digital Multimedia Design Studio, students will have the opportunity to build their own design process and work with digital formats and tools of their choosing.

Course description

In DMD 300: Digital Multimedia Design Studio, students synthesize the concepts, theories, and applications acquired in the introductory courses and begin to think critically about their professional objectives. Students will work on projects aimed to help them understand available learning pathways and real world applications based on their scholarly and professional interests. Students will work collaboratively to investigate a problem space, conduct a needs assessment, write a design plan or proposal, develop deliverables, and implement and evaluate the final product(s).

Students will develop a sense of stewardship over the project development process by completing project milestones that reinforce time management behaviors, participating in team building activities that facilitate discussion and interaction, co-authoring project proposals that prompt critical analysis, and distributing production tasks to encourage ownership in completing both defined and open-ended assignments. Students will also be required to thoroughly document and reflect on the production process and project impact through blogging and discussions.

Through the duration of the course, students are encouraged to interact with industry advisors for feedback and direction as they work through real-world challenges in their selected digital tools and methodologies.

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