Phase 5: Project document

Each team should produce a single Project Document.


  1. Cover/title page:
    • Project title
    • Date
    • Team members
    • Course name
    • Instructor(s)
    • Link to Team blog
  2. Team
    • Member names and bios that include relevant interests, skills, and capabilities.
  3. Summary
    • Concept statement: Brief description of topic or design challenge and how it will be approached in a concise opening sentence or paragraph.
    • Find and include a quote that relates to the project in some way, particularly if it's from the project's research.
    • Add details including the project's context, outstanding issues, and goals. Include aspects of how the topic is interesting, important, or novel, and how you (the team) arrived at these conclusions. What contributions does the project make or intend to make? Does it reimagine, reframe, refactor, re-contextualize, or otherwise perform remix or invention?
  4. Design process overview
    • Timeline of events
    • List methods used with brief descriptions
    • Anticipated outcomes of each step and how they contributed to the project's development.
  5. Final Product
    • Depending on the nature of your project, this could be:
      • Images of your final product or design
      • Link to video, website, etc.
      • Additional files such as a ZIP archive, executable app, etc.
  6. Outcomes
    • Analyze and deconstruct central issues using form and context analysis.
    • Identify forces that impact form
    • Are there any ethical considerations?
    • Include figures and diagrams of conceptual relationships
    • Describe media used in digital production. For example, print, web, info-graphics, game/interactive, animation, video/film, audio/sound, physical installation, etc.
  7. Lessons learned
    • Assess how well the design process worked. What might be done to improve upon it or mitigate issues? All team members should candidly provide any issues they experienced or observed. These issues could include: Availability of team members, feeling of meaningful or equal contribution, types of design exercises used, role assignments, etc.
  8. Bibliography

Formatting requirements:

  • PDF document in US Letter size.
  • Please see documentation resources for guidance.
  • Proofread and spellcheck
  • Additional files if neccesary to show your completed work (e.g. video, execuatable app, ZIP archive, etc.)

Submission details:

Upload the PDF document to the canvas assignment by the due date and time listed (only one person in the group needs to submit the file to the group assignment).

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