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DMD 100: Digital Multimedia Design Foundations

DMD 100 is the first of three spine courses in the Bachelor of Design in Digital Multimedia Design (DMD) program at Penn State University. This program is the first entirely online multi-college undergraduate bachelor's degree program offered at Penn State.

Visit the DMD Program Hub for more details.


Desktop background art

PNG - 2880x1800: (8.12MB)


Primary Course Author

Michael Collins, Assistant Professor of Art, Penn State School of Visual Arts

Twitter: @_mike_collins

Instructional Design

Kate Miffitt, Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives, Penn State College of Arts and Architecture

Instructional Materials Contributor

Benjamin Andrew, Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State College of Arts and Architecture

Special thanks to:

  • Graeme Sullivan, Director of the Penn State School of Visual Arts, for the inspiring conversations, book recommendations, and unwavering moral support;
  • Linda Collins, for proofreading over 200 pages.


Anyone can recommend additions or alterations to this course. Please, submit a pull request on or file an issue in the issue queue.


See the license page for details.

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